martes, 19 de abril de 2011

You don't have to have money,
To make it in this world.
You don't have to be skinny baby,
If you wanna be my girl.
Oh you just gotta be happy,
But sometimes that's hard.
Just remember to smile smile smile
And that's a good enough start.
So if you ain't good looking,
don't you let it get you down.
And if you're love life ain't kickin baby,
There'll be more fish around
Oh you just gotta stay happy,
So put away that frown.
So just remember to smile smile smile,
And turn the world around.
Cause everyones got troubles,
that's the way the story goes.
You don't need to use hubble baby
To see what's underneath your nose.
Oh cause if you're feeling happy,
that's the place to let it show.
So just remember to smile smile smile
So everybody knows

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