lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

In the middle of the morning.
You are here.

But when I wake up.
You aren't with me.
And then, you disappears
You disappears...
And I try to come back to my dream.
And I try not to deal because I am so alone
But you aren't more with me
You aren’t with me
And all is empty without you
Without you
Without you...

Tell me why you allowed
that we should come so far away,
if wise that everything would finish to this way?
Explain to me for that it finishes
If we believed that we were going so well
There is no more hope in this world
And, I am so alone without you
Without you
Without you...
(Primera canciòn escrita en inglès por mi, 10 años maximo supongo; si traducen la letra se ve el NO sentido del TODO)

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natituly dijo...

que es? una song?
te amo (L