viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Kristen In Speak

The Truth Will Change Everything.

She Knows something.
How you can support a secret, without madman turns you?
You Can't
The teenager Melinda Sordino joins the high-school with a great feeling of rejection and becomes practically mute. Her school mates and friends call her "squealer", because she called the police during a summer party; she does not have communication with her mother, Joyce Sordino, who is workaholic and is permanently busy; and she has problem with a very radical teacher. She finds a great support with her arts teacher Mr. Freeman and her school friend David Petrakis, and recalls her traumatic experience in the summer school, when she was raped, learning how to deal with the situation and reborn mature.
Well, She Try.
But, She Can't

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la mejor entrada ever